Adoption Anniversary a Doggie One

Ist Anniversary of Adoption 

jack russell eating dog cake

A first milestone for my furry companion, the anniversary of his adoption!

Ian and I find it hard to believe its been a year and we are both delighted with his progress from very nervous to less nervous and starting to enjoy being a dog status.  Its been a lot of work for us, fur boy and for our wonderful dog trainer/behaviourist but the effort is paying off. Our lad is showing lots of typical cheeky Jack Russell traits now but remains scared of most other dogs and some people, so there is plenty still to work on. 

My culinary skills were put to work to make him a doggy cake, something he would like with a frosting that smelled good (to him).  He would have carried the cake off he was so excited, so Ian helped him.  A bit more controlled than a cake smash but still fun.

Here are a few images of him tucking in and then resting afterwards as eating cake yes, its tiring :)

Pawprints Dog Rescue - Fun Dog Show

Pawprints Dog Show -  Dog Photography Special Offer

white and tan jack russell on a log in bluebells.jpg

Last year I/we were really lucky and adopted a Jack Russell cross from Pawprints Dog Rescue in Rugby.  He has changed our lives and us his.  

At the time I created a post about him, he was small and nervous (which he remains) but steadily his confidence is growing and he has turned himself into the most fabulous doggie model (or at least can sit occasionally for treats).

Pawprints hold a Fun Dog Show every May, and yesterday I had a stand there showing my dog photography.  For me to be able to support the team that make Pawprints so special was great, and they’ve continued to keep in contact over the last ten months.  The volunteers had worked tirelessly to create a fun family day for both people and dogs to enjoy.

Lots of the now homed dogs attended and the change from rescue to being part of a family was evident by the wagging tails, sparkly eyes and general contentment they now display.  I met some lovely people, the furriest friends and had the most enjoyable time. 

I had an offer on my dog photography which is detailed below.  

This offer runs until 20th June, 2018 (book now and we can arrange a date) and includes a donation to Pawprints.

Pawprints Dog Show - Dog Photography Special Offer

Dog photo session - one dog £50 (£5 from the session fee will be donated to Pawprints Dog Rescue)

A photo session for your best friend with one 8” x 10” print (in mount) included

Sessions are outdoor portraits and active (April - October) in your own garden, local park, favourite walk (within 15 miles of Rugby) 

Additional dogs welcome, same owner £15 per dog please arrange in advance

Session includes:

Initial phone/Skype call with owner

Meet on day/evening and up to 90 mins photo session

On line gallery of your edited images

8” x 10” print of your choice from gallery

Prints, Wall Art, Trio and Duo displays will all be available to purchase afterwards.

Please email: or telephone: 07540 749236 to book in.

2017 a quick look back

My favourite images from 2017

Well its all about looking ahead now, its 2018 and lots of things are happening already!

I’ve met some lovely people last year, at a whole range of events and I’m looking forward to photographing a wide range of engagement shoots, people and creating wedding photography for my couples to treasure.

So before I start talking about that, a quick look back at some of my favourite images from 2017.  

As a wedding photographer providing photography is a real pleasure. Thank you to my couples for letting me share your day.  Shooting couples who deeply love each other, just makes the whole experience even better. I love watching the telepathy between people who are so in tune, it is a delight. When there is lots of laughter and the pure enjoyment of just being with each other is the most important thing, it really shows and helps me create natural photographs that show how you are together. 

Character shows in all sorts of ways and furry character is fun to capture.  In  2017 I met a few fabulous dogs to photograph.  I’m hoping a few more may be at the weddings and engagement shoots I’m doing in 2018 (good behaviour permitting).

Live music has been a passion for a long time and in 2017 I had some great opportunities to shoot and see bands and musicians that put in stunning performances and expanded both the types of images I shoot and my listening.  These included Queen and Adam Lambert (I've still not recovered), Elbow, British Sea Power, Richard Ashcroft, Rag 'n' Bone Man, and Public Service Broadcasting,  A first for me in shooting a jazz orchestra, the NYJO  and country music courtesy of  Keifer Sutherland whose gravelly tones made for a different type of gig .   My personal favourites, The Cribs,  Dutch Uncles, The Wedding Present and Sparks are bands I love which means shooting them is a combination of challenge and enjoyment at the same time.

2018 is lining up to be an interesting mix of subjects again, weddings, relaxed portraits, more dogs and of course live music - I can't wait. 



Its really snow joke!

Furrrst time in the snow 

Jack russell with snowflake on nose Stephanie Colledge Photography_.jpg

My lovely JRT boy had never seen snow......he put two paws out of the door and reversed back in.  As he can be a shy one, we showed him it was ok and the next thing he was playing, snuffling and enjoying a whole new experience.

Snowflake nose soon became his speciality alongside bounding in untouched snow!



Here's my boy!

The brilliance of dogs 

jack russell running on yellow nervous lead.jpg

Well in a year of big changes here is the next one!  Part of my new life was planned to allow Ian and I enough time to be able to have our own dog.  We visited some rehoming places and came away disheartened.  We considered puppies but the nagging promise of there might be just the right dog waiting, remained.  

For months we continued to check on line and then we saw a local rehoming charity (Pawprints Dog Rescue) had a young boy who might be the one.  Small, extremely nervous and bit more of a special case than our original plan, but as soon as we met him Ian was sure he had potential.  The Pawprints team were fully supportive and gave us and him, time to consider and allowed us to visit him 3-4 times a week.  Meeting new people (was/is a scary thing for him) but with good handling by his Pawprints mum he slowly began to accept us. 

We spent 6-8 weeks seeing him regularly, hanging out with him, gaining his trust enough to have him sit on a lap and starting to play basic games -  the things he had missed out on in his early puppy days. The plan was that we would foster him first and if that went well we could adopt him.  Well the fostering was shelved, he showed he trusted us and our time spent with him has had really had big benefits.

We went straight to adoption!  He moved in recently. He is settling in and is now learning that being my little helper has the benefit of extra treats.  His cheeky personality is beginning to show and should be able to develop fully over the next few months.  

He is nervous and we will help him learn to control that over time.  Routine, lots of exercise and bundles of love will be good for all of us.  Nothing is as sweet as him and Ian running round the garden playing together, going on walks (good exercise for all) or just chilling doing man stuff (beer for the bigger one water for fur boy).

We found working with Pawprints Dog Rescue to be excellent.  They are a charity with a small number of dogs at any one time.  The volunteers who run PDR really get to know the dogs personally and help both the dogs and the potential adopters; the whole experience has been positive.  (Massive thanks to Anita, Kathryn, Dave, Trisha and Christine). 

We’ve had help and support all along to help with interacting with him, gaining trust, plus guidance and assistance with any questions since he has moved to his/our home.   His first time in front of my camera so we tried natural images just observing how he is (as in many ways he is like a puppy) and a little bit of running around on his harness.  We are starting training classes soon so no doubt there will be updates. 

I love shooting pet photography, especially dogs as they are such brilliant companions and personalities.  To finally have my own after waiting so long makes me happier than I can express in words (and he seems to like us too). 

His adventures will be fun for all of us!