Wedding Photography at Pendrell Hall

Pendrell Hall Wedding

cutting cinderella and batman cake

Sometimes when you first meet a couple you know you are a perfect fit for shooting their wedding. This was the case when we met Leanne and Wayne and Leanne’s parents.  The two of them had such a strong connection, so many ideas, a love of Friends (the TV show), dogs and Disney that we share. This was combined with a great sense of fun and the most fabulous wedding venue Pendrell Hall .

Since the booking nearly two years ago, we’ve emailed and chatted, met up for an engagement shoot shared with their puppy and had a pre-wedding meeting that had everything detailed well in advance.

When I went on my location visit I was wowed by their choice of venue.  Pendrell Hall is simply stunning.  The venue offers some of the most beautiful gardens, views and interiors perfect for a June wedding complete with plans for an outdoor service, outside games, bouncy castle, time for guests to relax,  just add a little sunshine.

So we get the wettest, coldest June day for years, more like a November/December day, and all the carefully laid plans changed. But everyone had the best time imaginable!  

The love these two and their families share is exceptional, so constant rain and really low temperatures could not stop it being a wonderful and memorable day.  Pendrell Hall ran beautifully, on an extremely difficult day for a venue, nothing was too much trouble for their co-ordinator or staff - even throwing confetti indoors!  

On all weddings it is we (Ian my other half is my second shooter, lighting assistant and whatever other help I need…helper).    We had a plan b for images and our couple, family and friends worked with us.  The images we created are all about the love, fun, people and the immense delight of finding the right person.

As we arrived for bridal prep and the wine was flowing, the girls were all together and the chatter and music was going.  The venue has a suite of rooms with a lovely dressing room area which was perfect for everyone in the bridal party, it is complete with large mirrors and plenty of space.  Hair was well underway and makeup soon followed.  Leanne’s dress was beautiful and suited her perfectly, she looked amazing.  Wayne and his groomsmen got ready on site too which made visiting both bride and groom for preparations a quick walk.

The service was changed to be indoors and when Leanne swept in with her Dad he did his utmost to hold it together. The glances and laughter exchanged between Leanne, Wayne, nan and her mum while he kept looking directly at me said everything about how proud he was. 

After the service as the rain continued we decided on group shots indoors.  The venue staff were great and quickly cleared the space that we needed so that we could get to work on indoor groups.  Formality was soon put to one side which made for an entertaining set of photos!

Speeches before the meal allowed everyone to relax.   Just as the evening guests arrived the rain gave up for a few minutes and with lightning speed our couple, parents and two guests ran outside to help us with an outside shot which would keep Leanne’s dress off the floor and safe from being soaked.  We somehow managed the quickest couple shot and large group shot in the least time… before everyone ran for cover as the rain started again.  

Like all things with Leanne and Wayne there were surprises, the first dance was a showstopper. A complete routine with co-ordinated moves which their guests loved (they must have practised for hours).

We loved being part this of this very special day.


Venue: Pendrell Hall

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Florist: The Flower Shop, Codsall

Cake:  Connies Cakes 

Suits: Blooms

DJ: Stuart The Best Fun 

Hair: Sarah

Makeup: Hazel