Mogwai and The Twilight Sad at The Mill

Mogwai and The Twilight Sad at The Mill in Digbeth

Mogwai on stage at the mill in digbeth Stephanie Colledge Photography

In 2011 the immense pairing of Mogwai with The Twilight Sad were on tour and came to Birmingham.  Two incredible Scottish bands that I wanted to see.  It was a memorable night for a number of reasons, mainly how impressed I was by both and also how little light Mogwai played in…from memory most of the first tune was in darkness and I stood there wondering if I’d ever get an image. 

Andy MacFarlane The Twilight Sad Birmingham the mill Stephanie Colledge Photography_-3.jpg

Since that time I’ve followed The Twilight Sad and seen them a number of times, in many different places.  They have grown whilst retaining the essence that makes them so different.  

Last Friday there was a first for me, a new venue, The Mill in Digbeth. Mogwai with special guests The Twilight Sad had completely sold it out.   The new place is pretty industrial, has good sound which is key for Mogwai and some interesting viewing options including a mezzanine floor.  All I needed was for them to put the lights on and I stood a chance of getting some interesting shots!

The Twilight Sad had 45 minutes and were as intense and captivating as I could ask for.  Some initial light helped and James was soon whirling in his own creative space, as a frontman he is exceptional.  The set was a mix and included new material.  Mogwai increased the intensity and were loud, yes seriously, breathtakingly, loud and perfect, as they burned through a 90 minute experience.  They’ve been changing their set list across the nights, which means for fans following the tour they get some great surprises .  We had My Father, My King for an encore - some times music is just too good. 

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