Amy and David

Amy and David - Married (sneak peak) 

bride and groom laughing in confetti shower

Some days are so happy its simply a joy to be there!

Sneak peak of the wedding of Amy and David at the weekend at The Chace Hotel, in Coventry.   

Weddings are something I love to shoot, but there is an added pressure in shooting your own brothers wedding…even when his bride is the fabulous Amy.  Being surrounded by family and friends is a totally different experience for me and having a father who is a photographer makes it a bigger deal.

Amy and David wanted natural images capturing how they are together, which fits perfectly with my style.  I wanted to show how easy they are with each other whilst still retaining the fun side of my brother, who has the ability to make a cat laugh. 

 This wedding has been a big event within the family, with everyone involved and it ran perfectly. 

So congratulations to them both, I get a lovely sister in law and my brother is definitely punching well above his category. 

Lots more images soon.