Best friends and rescue

Lovely lurcher 

lurcher black and tan lying down.jpg

My plans to own my own dog are getting much much closer and I’m hopeful that I will be introducing my furry family member here soon.

I've recently met some very loved rescue dogs and have been lucky enough to see the changes that a new life offers both them and their family.  I fully understand that adoption won't be for everyone but it is the way I/we are choosing to go.

Meanwhile I’ve been busy shooting this gorgeous lurcher.  He is a wonderful mix of adorable and comical.  I’m sure he thinks he is answering when he is spoken to, as he is quite talkative and extremely playful  (a moment of down time shown above).  He combines the most quizzical expression and gentlest temperament for a family dog.  

Now that he has learned to lay down he was happy to demonstrate...