G4 and Lesley Garrett at Festival on the Close

G4 and Lesley Garrett in Rugby

G4 singing on stage at rugby school festival on the close

Lots of the music photography that I shoot is based around indie bands or players playing full on in hot and loud venues where the photographers are in the pit.   Occasionally when it is acoustic shows (which are both interesting and often sensitive)  I work around a seated audience which brings a totally different aspect to shooting music as every click has to be carefully considered for timing, to cause as little distraction as possible. 

Last night was a combination of being audience aware whilst seeing and shooting an impressive event in my home town.    Rugby School are running a superb set of events this week to celebrate 450 years since the foundation of the school.  They are celebrating with a public arts festival which has a great range of workshops for children and have combined professional input enabling children to work with and alongside musicians, dancers and creatives for the festival. 

The school have created a semi permanent structure in the grounds to house the bigger events, complete with outdoor close,  with food, drink and gentle ambience.

G4 and Lesley Garrett opened the festival with what can only be described as a stunning performance.  This brought in a capacity crowd, staffed by pupils and tutors to form an efficient front of house team that ran the venue perfectly, combined with good sound the evening was perfect. 

G4 were lovely, far more charming than I expected and I really enjoyed the show. I may be showing my roots but anyone who can cover an Osmonds classic that well, amongst Elvis, show tunes and opera deserves the respect they worked for.  

Lesley Garrett was a delight, an immense stage presence, sparkling personality and that voice!  Stunning to watch as even when the stage was full, with a choir in support she sparkled and wowed the audience.

I’m at more events this week at Festival on Close, Im looking forward to them.

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