Sail away with me

Sail away with me.........................

sail away with me toy in a boat looking out to sea

So I/we took a little break in the sunshine and relaxed.  A short trip to Portugal, as one friend who lives there assures us everything is Portugal is “the best”.  When it comes to port and cheese, he may have a valid point. 

Early morning wandering took me to the beach to enjoy the light, the space, the colours and the peace.  I have always lived in central England as far from the sea as possible, whereas my other half grew up with the sea in sight and is passionate about being near to it.   I find it challenging, the strength and sound, wind and sand nearly always feature but here it is “the best” calmer and warmer and I had time to wander with only one other photographer in sight and some amused villagers who obviously don't see many travellers so early.  

My photography is nearly always around people and personality.  Landscapes, architecture and a touch of natural colour are all here instead but mixed with the quirky aspects that I love.   A childs ride looking out to sea, all alone was tempting.  Maybe I’ll grow up one day……maybe not