I’ve had a busy week, which included seeing The Cribs twice, once to shoot and once to simply enjoy. They were great the first time but went up a gear on Thursday in London and the whole place knew it.  The combination of the crowd singing, heat haze and Jarman brilliance put it in the lead for my gig of the year.

Any band following that was going to have a tough job!   So the charm of Echobelly was going to need to be set to maximum and they didn't disappoint.  An unusual gig really, one of those mixed with a club night events, which mean the bands go on late and the whole shindig and DJ’s play into the early hours.

I saw Echobelly at Shiiine Festival last year and it was great seeing them after so long (for me).  On Saturday night they had two supports Save State and The Jack Fletcher Band, the second being the kind of band I’ll see again. I felt they had that sharp edge musically and visually, they reminded me of The Enemy combined with the best coats worn on stage this summer. 

As for Echobelly a busy week too, the new album Anarchy and Alchemy was released and the short tour they are on highlights both the new material and old favourites. Sonya Madan and Glenn Johansson are as charismatic as ever which made the gig pure enjoyment.  Most bands I watch/shoot have frontmen, its great to shoot a band with a female lead and Sonya is the perfect mix of engaging whilst remaining totally cool.

The full report and more images is on Birmingham Live.