The Cribs

The Cribs in Birmingham

That ratio thing about the number of gigs I go to v the level of happiness I feel is rapidly returning to a better balance again.  This factor is multiplied when combined with the quality of the bands and performers I’ve seen recently. 

A jaunt to The Cribs was always going to be good.  I’ve seen them a fair amount and they are one of the most consistent bands I’ve ever watched.  Intense in delivery, talented and loved by a base of loyal and inclusive supporters.  When you watch a band and the crowd knows the b-sides, sings the guitar lines as well as the vocals you are on a winner as the dual work of both artist and band creates an event and euphoria that lasts for days.   

Support came from God Damn (a band loved by the heavier side of the Birmingham Live team)  the owners of some great hair and Slotface who were for me a bit different to their video output.

The Jarman brothers spent the first part of the night watching the supports, wandered on in the most relaxed way and took the Institute from static anticipation to wild crowd surfing within seconds.  One of the most exciting live bands you’ll ever get the chance to see and I'll always love shooting. 

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