T- Shirts, Days 41-50

T- Shirts Days 41-50

It was quite pleasing to find I only had around 40 band t-shirts easily to hand.  

The more worrying part was when I went to look for how many I had temporarily stored…there were comments made from the other half, about how I owned more shirts than shoes.  Good job he hasn't started counting the shoes yet :)

Days 41-50 shall therefore be dedicated to a “small selection” of my Morrissey shirts.  I’ve been going to Morrissey gigs for a long time and before that - yes, I saw The Smiths a few times too.  If I find any Smiths shirts I’ll never get in any of those - I was too thin in my teens, but then everyone was.

I’ll happily argue with anyone and everyone that Morrissey is one of the most stunning artists you will ever be lucky enough to see.  The gigs are passionate and populated with regulars who travel miles and continents to be there.  I’ve seen him play in different parts of the world, although I’m not as well travelled as many and I have made some lovely friends along the way. 

One of my initial photography aspirations was to get a photo pass for a Morrissey gig. At the time, it was one of the most daunting shows I ever requested and early in my live music life!  That thing about photographing your heroes had to be considered and I looking back I was more nervous collecting that pass than any other to this day.   I shot the gig and I still love the images as they show me how much I pushed myself to be my best.  A wise gig photographer assured me afterwards that shooting that gig was the first mountain tackled and there were a lot more on the horizon!

This first small batch of shirts are a mix from 2004 Quarry tour, Ringleader tour, Roundhouse shirt onwards.  The shirt that appears twice is because I own it in two versions….the dates on the back are different parts of the tour, yep that’s the sign of a true collector.


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