Elbow in Birmingham

Elbow gig in Birmingham 

Its hardly the best circumstance to go and see a band you love in the frame of mind I’ve been in today, but bad days aside some things are so great that missing them would be a painful experience.

So a quick train journey to Birmingham and a night in the O2 Academy to see Elbow.   I love Elbow, I have done for many years, when the venues were small and Guy got off the stage to thank you for being there.   Ive seen the small venues part full, turn into the barns when the awards started rolling in.  They worked hard for years and it was good to see a proper band achieve the recognition they deserved. 

Lots of those same faces are still attending and its the friendly atmosphere that remains.  The gig was a triumph, summed up beautifully by Ian in his review for Birmingham Live.

Great night for me too - I got to take pictures - see some of the gig photographers I’ve not caught up with for a while and of course there was the lovely Guy Garvey who will always make this girl smile. 


Elbow Guy Garvey Stephanie Colledge Photography for Birmingham Live -1.jpg