New Year, New Beginning

New Year - big changes 

Well 2017 is going to be interesting, for all types of reasons.

I've firstly decided that photography will be my main direction and will be my full time work from here forwards.  So I now start the process of turning my pastime into my full time whilst retaining all the aspects that I love and enjoy.  Its simply time to share that!

That's the main part.  

The next section is that lovely bit of organising my life that I've been avoiding.  I'm starting this in small stages and taking the time to look at what I've acquired and hoarded over the last few years.  

My record collection will be a mammoth task so I'm starting with something easy - all the band/music related t-shirts I own will be worn and snapped, simply on a Monday to Friday basis (even I need to wear alternative clothes at the weekend).  I'll then know how many I have and at least they will all get out of drawers or boxes.  

I estimate I've enough t-shirts to get to Easter, the other half estimates the Summer :)

Bicycles in Copenhagen-1.jpg