A girls day out?

Friends and a day out 

Ever since I decided to change from a full time sales role to allowing my photography to be my life going forward I’ve had some great help and support from my partner and family

In addition, I have two friends who have gone out of their way to make my life as fun as possible.  Both realised that changing from a job you’ve done for a long time (and it was a very long time) and starting over completely to follow your main desire - does take a bit of getting used to.   Its great to be able to ring, text, message at the points when I need to ask a daft question or simply share something irrelevant but often funny.  I appreciate both of them.

We arranged to meet on the first Saturday of the New Year in London - central for all of us as we live apart for some kind of girls day out……. not something we’ve done previously and the promise of no shopping sounded good. 

As I’m mad about organisation I’d done some planning, train, arrival times, food etc….  none of which mattered when our timing was thrown off course. 

Things I learned over the course of the day included the confirmation that I've always got time to take pictures whatever happens and that my consistent having a camera on me gives me opportunities.  Whilst I waited for them to appear I had the time to visit St. Pancras Old Church and see the Hardy Tree.  The church is small and beautiful, the tree fascinating with the stones surrounding it.  Quick shot below. 

When they appeared, we walked for miles, laughed too much, ate healthy vegan food, considered writing diaries properly (or blog for me) and had a lecture on tube routes whilst on the tube…there are two Edgware Roads - I’m always learning something!


The Hardy Tree at St Pancras church.jpg